National Debt Food for Thought

I’m not very political. Well, I am in the sense that I have no use for either politics or politicians. But I noticed in this news article that the wealthiest 400 Americans have a collective net worth of about $2 trillion. That’s a lot of clams!

In comparison, I bopped over to the national debt clock where I see that the national debt is about $16 trillion. Hmm…

So, if the federal government elected to strip the 400 wealthiest Americans of their wealth, it would only amount to about one-eighth the national debt — at this moment.

So, all the talk about soaking the rich for “their fair share” seems like a lot of (ahem) political talk.

As my father-in-law would say, “There ain’t no squirrel up that tree.”

2 thoughts on “National Debt Food for Thought”

  1. I found it interesting the title mentions the National Debt, but nowhere in the article was the total National Debt mentioned. There’s a lot of talk about the disparity of wages and wealth in the US. However, most of the talking heads fail to convey the fact that the top 15% of wage earners pay something like 75% of the total tax revenue from earned income. It should also be pointed out that around 1/2 of US wage earners pay little to no income tax at all. I agree that someone isn’t paying their fair share, but it isn’t who the politicians and media lead you to believe.

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