Sahalie Falls, Oregon

Sunday morning, I rose, made some coffee, and puttered with my morning stuff for a bit. It’s my wake-up routine. A text message arrived from an ex-student, whom I was supposed to meet in Eugene for breakfast.

Oops… it’s about 90 minutes from Newport, Oregon to Eugene. So, I thought that maybe brunch or just coffee would be better. But the word was, come on anyway. He also recommended the drive through Florence and along SH 126 to Eugene.

So, I took the Girl down to the beach, played with her hard for a few minutes, made a few captures, and off we went. We met my friend and his family for lunch and enjoyed some wonderful fellowship for a few hours at Hendricks Park in Eugene. He has such bright children (no surprise). They were a hoot.

On the drive from Eugene, Oregon to Bend, I stopped at Salhalie Falls (on recommendation). I was blessed to be the only person on the trail near the falls. So, I was able to capture some nice video of the falls. I love that sound.

Then it was back into the rig to find lodging in Bend, Oregon.

Here is a second clip, this one of the main fall and in slow motion.

5 thoughts on “Sahalie Falls, Oregon”

  1. What a great day. Thank you for making the effort. The kids are looking forward to seeing you and the girl again.

    1. It was a great day! I really enjoyed the company and the park was fun. Your kids are a real hoot and you’re going to struggle to keep up with that girl, I think. 😉

      Your presence in Eugene gives me reason to head back this way again. I’d like to spend some time on the beaches near Florence. There were plenty of places to get the Girl out to play. Some hikes would be fun (for both of us) as well.

      The USFS lands between Bend and Eugene along SH126 also offer a lot of potential for spending time outdoors with dog and camera. I’ll need to research the local wildlife to determine whether I can find suitable places to do some wildlife photography.

      Thanks for hosting us!

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